Website Design and Development

Building high quality websites at a reasonable price

Responsive Design

Websites that I create will look good on any device that its viewed on.

Content Management

I give access and training on how to change and add content.

Easy Customizations

With WordPress changing the look and feel of your website couldn’t be easier.

Support & Updates

I ensure that everything is up to date so your site is secured and has all the latest features.

Other Features

Search Engine Optimization

I practice good SEO techniques and use of plugins to ensure you always get hits.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means you will be on top of everyone searches

Secure with HTTPS

For free I’ll provide a SSL cert for your website.  This greatly improves your search presence as well as secures your website to ensure everyone is safe.

Content Distribution Network

A CDN(Content Distribution Network) is used to ensure everyone gets the fastest speed possible.  No matter where you are in the world your website will be cached close to them to ensure you are getting the fastest speeds possible.


Below is a sample my work

Along with web design and hosting I offer photography as a service.  With the ability to create the website as well as fill it with photos of your products or services I can offer a complete solution for your business needs.  Below is a sample of some of the work I have done for businesses as well for my self.  For a more complete listing of my work please visit my photography website at ICG Photo



For a free quote please see my contact page

 Since everyone’s needs are different I will need to discuss with you your requirements.